Story Pocket Cards: Free Templates for Plotting!

Free Story Card Templates

Free Printable Templates

I spend a lot of time staring at a screen. I mean, a lot. Most of us do these days. But there’s something so natural, so tactile about sitting down and working things out on a pad of paper. I swear the brain thinks differently when we’re holding a sheet of paper vs looking at a screen. That’s why when I’m plotting, I love to work everything out analog-style.

Where am I going with this? To another free template for you, my dears.

It started with a problem. When working on paper, I missed the freedom of drag-and-drop that we’re so used to with computers. How could I recreate that in analog? With pieces of paper, of course. I created an outline template with cut-out slots to put paper story cards in. Each section of the story can be labeled to organize it, and the cards stay in place until you want to change them. It’s so simple yet so effective. The cards can be moved around, stacked, removed, and rearranged at will. Plus, I’m including a version that matches up with the eight-beat plotting method. All you’ll need to do is print, cut on the lines, and play. You can use the cards however you like, but my preferred method is sort of like flashcards—write the plot event heading on the font of the card so it sticks out of the slot, and go into more detail on the back.

It’s all free, so download and enjoy!

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